1998 (noisy lawn equipment)

I decided to take my indoor kitty for a shoulder-ride out into the carport (kitty liked shoulder-rides, and had been known to leap onto my vertical chest if I didn't go straight to her and pick her up). Older neighbor (now deceased) noticed and came over to pet Cheaumea (said kit's name). We chatted for a few moments, then he returned to what he was doing (blowing leaves or edging the sidewalk or something).

Kitty was not prepared for said noise and climbed over my shoulder to get back inside. My reaction was to hold her closer to keep her from getting away. Not a good idea. At one point in the exchange I was holding her sideways against the side of the house (i.e., she was standing on the side of the house...sideways). The end result: my favorite shirt (and me underneath) shredded.

mark, May 22 2005 5:24PM

the first (and only) time my cat made a run for the outdoors instinct both good and bad kicked in. she ran at cars and around the yard for 15 minutes (with me in chase) until finally climbing her first (and only) tree and getting stuck on a limb. i rescued her fireman style by standing on a chair.

years of living in apartments with front door access to dingy halls has taken her zeal for going outside away. now that's domestication.

sorry about your shirt and chest, bob.