Weekly Digest #19
The Editors

Over three weeks have passed since the last Weekly Digest which we blame on the tryptophan in the turkey. But just because the editors have been napping, it doesn’t mean our writers have.

Guido Alvarez promised that melimelo® is coming soon and gave us 11 reasons why he hopes to be coming to the U.S. Paul Pereira introduced us to a non-American sweet treat, churros, while Evan Mann questioned the relationship between food and architecture and in the spirit of the season, gave us a strategy for enduring snowy nights. Sandie Maxa imagined flying scissors and reminisced about Thanksgivings past. The journey of Marshmallow and Yam, the pardoned turkeys was tracked by Mark Sanders who also shared some photos that were passed over.

Have a great week and tell a friend about GUTSY.