Stomach is the catalyst

calatrava's kitchen.jpg
Whose muse is whose?

The creation of great architecture was often compared to the creation of a great meal by a former professor. Briefly: one has the notion of what the meal should be (program), a clutch of ingredients (building components), and the time and culinary space to combine them (designo). He related this to the design process (pinch of this, pinch of that, whiskey and wine) and emphasized that the making was often evidenced in the final product, assuming that said product was prepared with love and enthusiasm.

Turning this thinking around, should one assume Mr. Calatrava is particularly enamored of poultry dishes? Does Mr. Gehry peel oranges at his desk? Perhaps Mies quite enjoyed prime cuts of steak...Corbu, blocks of white cheese? Was Philip Johnson often alone at the drawing board with his pop tarts and caviar?

sandie, Dec 9 2005 10:52AM

Good theory. How do brightly colored vegetables figure in to your design process?

dawg, Dec 10 2005 11:20AM

Vegetables are usually introduced at lunch, a time when any signs of a muse have flown the coop.