The Fighting Scissors vs. The Rowdy Rulers

If you like competition -- experiencing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat -- sports are an obvious pastime. For the brainiacs, there's spelling bees and speed crossword competitions. Food lovers can compete in eating contests; consuming everything from hot dogs to ten-pound turkeys. And the publicity-hungry have the reality tv circuit. Good at traveling? Enter the Amazing Race. Have a great voice? Become the next American Idol. So how can people in the arts become trophy winners?

Recently two innovative events took place that emphasize agility, speed, finesse and originality.

Cut and Paste- This contest gave eight contestants 15 minutes to create a still image that communicates a theme. A computer, software, sharpies, paper, and a digital camera among other things were provided. Three elimination rounds were played. The results are not posted on the web site yet, but click on enter main site to see the rules and other details of the event. Entries are judged on creativitity/concept, technical prowess and overall dopeness/performance.

Master-Disaster Fashion Duel 2 - This isn't the first competitive event the folks at LVHRD have organized, but it's the latest. On November 21 two fashion designers faced off in a couture competition with the theme, Villainy. The designers were given one hour to dress a live model with a creation made from materials and tools provided.

While I did not attend these events I wish I had. I like the idea of live-action art. Mad sketching, scissors flying and rolls of tape shooting across the floor in the heat of competition. And fans shouting cheers of "Tighter!" or "Sharper!" or "Bluer!" It's got to be at least as good as watching a table of 16 contestants stuff hotdogs in their mouths for 16 minutes at Coney Island.