I love churros and recently discovered a hispanic man from South America who sells them. He parks his churros cart next to the local church and sells them to patrons as they are going in or coming out. I was walking past the church when I smelled them and purchased a bunch.

Churros dipped in super thick Spanish hot chocolate is my favorite treat. You cannot and must not use store bought powdered hot chocolate for this experience. You have to buy a special thick, almost pastey bar of chocolate (check the Spanish section of your super market or buy from a hispanic owned bodega). When the chocolate bar is melted in hot milk over the stove, it comes out super thick which makes it stick to the churros when you dip them in. Yum...

mark, Nov 21 2005 10:06AM

it's curious to me that almost every culture has some form of sweet, fried dough.

i have never found occasion to try a churros. sure i see them being sold all around me, but by illegal vendors on subway platforms or at coney island. the thought of plopping down a dollar to get a sugary confection that's lying on a cardboard box and under plasticwrap isn't a risk my gut is willing to make.

your method, however, does sound appetizing.

paul, Nov 22 2005 8:21AM

Yeah it is weird that fried dough is part of alot of cultures. Churros are a more Spanish & Hispanic food. In Portugal its called Farturas and they use and they put powder sugar on it.

I’m not saying eat this stuff once or week but once a month after a meal or as a snack between 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm it hits the spot.

dawg, Nov 22 2005 9:19AM

"Farturas." That's a good one.

Went to a NASCAR race and was pleased with the "elephant ears" but taken aback by the quantity of powdered sugar. AT A NASCAR RACE (should've been Equal).

guido, Nov 23 2005 2:22PM

churros are great but nothing like a roasted guinea pig... only in Ecuador.
Have you seen "supersize me" in the additional features you can see a small video about this business in New York that sell just about anything deep fried... for example deep fried m&m's... now that is really something...