I Love A Parade (Seen From Above)


Six years years ago I woke at 5:30AM on Thanksgiving Day. A bus and train ride later we had secured a spot to watch the annual Macy's parade in New York — 2.5 hours before it began. Untold thousands of other showed up during the time waited steadily pushing us back from our original spot. By the time the parade began, all we could see were the balloons floating above the heads of the crowd. We decided that the best view was on television in our living room. Until this year...

Visit to A Glass House


I can now imagine living in a transparent box. Standing inside Philip Johnson's Glass House I felt as if I was part of the landscape -- a feeling I would guess is even more acute if it is raining or snowing. The property holds several buildings, but the glass house is the most welcoming.

Roast Little Chicken, Roast


Roasting a chicken, people say, is easy. And it can be. But to reach poultry perfection I've tried many things.


I never considered myself susceptible to seasonal affect disorder. Normally the months switch, the weather changes and the days expand or contract with little more impact than an increase in my allergies. But for some reason this year has been different.

Toddler Tastebuds

I took my son into the doctor's office today where he was diagnosed with an ear infection. The medicine prescribed for him supposedly tastes like bubblegum.

"When Is Your Baby Due?"

This was the icebreaker the pedicure technician used on me this past weekend as I settled in for an hour of relaxation (thanks to a gift certificate my husband gave me for Christmas).


I don't smoke, unless I have a good reason to, and when I do, I just puff. There's something about the ritual that's appealing. Tonight was a good reason. It was supposed to be too warm for snow, but how often are the weather forecasts actually correct? Walking to the bus station from work was a light dusting--stepping off the bus at home: big fat wet flakes calling out to me.

So I sat on my stoop, cigarette in one hand, red wine in the other, imagining I could hear the sound of snowflakes landing in the infrequent silences between the passing cars.



photo by China Foto Press

As I did last year, I am posting some of the highlights of the past year. Best wishes to all Gutsy readers in 2007!

Graffiti Exhibit


For most of my life I have been a fan of graffiti artists. I slowly watched them infiltrate museums and have their work exhibited. Beginning the weekend of January 6th 2007, graffiti writers will tag the exteriors of two U-Haul vans wrapped in vinyl siding for the Graffiti Road Show, an exhibit from the Martinez Gallery.


Move over Björk (of the Sugarcubes variety) and Kazu Makino (of the early Blonde Redhead variety). There's a new wailer in town and she means some mighty business. Meet Giovanna Cacciola and she's from Sicily. (Come to think of it why are all the good screechers from oversees?)

Looking Up


Weekly Digest #28

As the Fall leaves start to change, we welcome six new colorful articles from our GUTSY authors.

Mark Sanders paid tribute to photographer Minor White, while Paul Pereira shared idyllic images from a recent trip to Spain. Joanna Smith shared her love for raspberries while Ann Whitehurst questioned her appetite for Snickers Salad. And Sandie Maxa checked out amateurs at the Apollo while Guido Alvarez asked for help checking a box on the Ecuadorian ballot.

Have a great weekend and tell a friend about GUTSY.

iVOTE uVOTE: ebay180038306473 offer


Time to vote for the next President of Ecuador has arrived. According to my judgment no candidate has demonstrated to be a good fit to lead Ecuador during the next four years.

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