May 7 - May 20 Weekly Digest

We took a week off from posting the Weekly Digest because of family visiting GUTSY headquarters. This week's version has been double-sized to accomodate all the highlights.

Pete Hofmann started us out by spinning a tale of a man in overly tight underpants while Mark Sanders uncovered a building that looked like a modern brassiere. Heather Mann shared her required lunchtime reading and Sandie Maxa posed as an employee. Fortunately, Evan Mann didn't lose it all in Atlantic City nor did Ann Whitehurst's neighbors get the best of her.

New guest contributor Alice Marie has a hard time being content, but Sandie Maxa happily won a poodle. Paul Pereira crashed his bike while nobody was looking. Evan Mann likes clean clothes and Guido Alvarez is in love with a window. And don't forget that Mark Sanders gets drunk and steals things.

Tell a friend about GUTSY and have a great weekend.