I Like doin' Laundry


It's like getting a fresh wardrobe and all you did was combine soap and water.

Our washers/dryers are in the basement of our building, run $1 per wash and $.25/10 minutes to dry, and are directly accessible via elevator; thusly, we can put the heat on the rice pot in the apartment, go drop in a load of whites, and be back in the kitchen before the water boils. It ain't ownership, but it's easy.

What is your laundry situation?

mark, May 19 2005 2:13PM

laundry has greatly changed for me with the addition of an in-apartment washing machine/dryer combo. it's no longer an event but rather white noise that goes on while doing something else.

the quest for detergent, however, has been complicated by not owning an automobile. those boxes / bottles are heavy.

my strategy is to rent a car often enough to drop by target and by the largest box on the shelf. usually get 3-4 months each.

other items procurred with a car rental: cat litter, cat food, garbage bags and personal hygiene items. even if not immediately needed, it's gotten.

paul, May 19 2005 3:49PM

For a year my girlfriend and I would do our laundry at her mothers house, her family also lives in Newark,NJ. - they live about 7 minutes by car. But my girlfriend would complain about having to go there to do laundry then drive back in an hour to put the clothes in the dryer blah blah blah... Every Friday we'd end up fighting about laundry.

So we decide to buy our own washer, we asked the landlord if we can put a washer downstairs. They said fine we buy one put it in the basement there's no room for us to put a dryer so they told us we could use theirs. You'd think that would solve all our laundry fights. It hasn't now we fight about who's turn is it to go downstairs to do the laundry. I hate laundry...

Sandie, May 20 2005 9:09AM

When I was in college, I used the laundromat at the end of the block like all the other students in the area. One fateful day I went to retrieve my clothes from the washer and discovered that they had morphed into an ugly army green color. Some punk had put Rit dye in the washer. I was really mad...

The other puzzling thing about communal laundry areas is that there's always a slacker who leaves his/her clothes in the washer for like two hours. What do you do? Do you gently remove their clothes? Does that involve touching their undies? I've never felt comfortable doing that.

Heather, May 20 2005 11:23AM

You definitely move their stuff... I don't like touching anyone's delicates. But, if they leave it a few minutes too long--it's outta there. (We always set our timer so we can get down there before anyone else moves our stuff... though if we are late, they have every right to.) What drives me nuts is that our building with approximately 160 apartments in it only has 5 washers and 4 dryers.

Ann, May 20 2005 12:19PM

At least the strange undies are clean!

mark, May 20 2005 12:47PM

unless they didn't use any soap, ann. dirty wet undies are just as disgusting as the dry version. ewwwwww.