What to Read During Lunch

If you're anything like me, you often eat lunch at your desk and spend a little time visiting all of your favorite "news" sites. And, if you're like me, the fluffier the content, the better. What are your favorites?

Mine, besides Gutsy, of course, include (in some particular order), the following: Page Six, Gawker, Gothamist, E Online Gossip, Curbed, New York Times Real Estate.

Sandie, May 13 2005 10:34AM

I too have been known to peruse E Online. And a blog I recently discovered, A Socialite's Life tracks gossip news from a variety of sources. To balance out this sugary sweet indulgence I also read a healthy dose of the New York Times!

mark, May 13 2005 10:45AM

i wish my internet "research" was only confined to lunch. darn that always-on internet and working from home. here are some more sites i find "helpful".

the morning news (journalism), gridskipper (travel), lifehacker (technology), speak up (design), joe's nyc (photography) and american idol discussion board.

also can't live without my myway homepage which keeps my life in order with movies, television, weather, news, important dates and horoscopes.

and of note to non-nyc readers, gothamist has companion sites for austin, chicago, dc, san francisco and others.


paul, May 13 2005 11:08AM

you guys are lucky, you can read while having lunch. my lunch hour usually consists of me with one hand shoveling lunch down my throat while the other hand moves the computers mouse.

Ann, May 13 2005 1:27PM

Since I am staying home w/our child, my "lunch" is when my son takes his nap. His naps can last anywhere from 1 hour to 3.5 hours, so I have to decide what to get done in order of priority. Following are the things I do, in order of priority, sort of:

1. take a shower
2. eat lunch
3. clean the kitchen
4. do my 20-min pilates tape (my belly is NOWHERE NEAR its pre-pregnancy state)
5. pay bills, check email, etc.
6. do laundry

I really don't read a whole lot besides the newspaper anymore. I can't remember the last book I read that wasn't baby-related, but I'm going to try to find time to read the next Harry Potter when it comes out this summer.

holling, May 22 2005 12:33AM

You kids are lucky. I have to walk 5 miles to get my lunch, then five miles back to my office, eating on the way. While carrying an ox.

On nice days I just skip lunch and ALSO peruse my fave news sites, including (like Mark) The Morning News, Slate, NYTimes, Google News, and sometimes MoCoLoco.

mark, May 25 2005 7:43PM

if you really want to waste a lot of time, try perusing the original hip hop lyrics archive. this site has lyrics for damn near every rhyme ever written. and while you are there, don't miss the rhymerator. you'll be filling notebooks in no time with your very own lyrics.