Weekly Digest #17
The Editors

After a couple week absence, we would like to welcome back the weekly digest. And there's no better time since we're celebrating something of a milestone here at GUTSY: publishing our 200th article.

Guido Alvarez presented a terrier that has a habit while Ann Whitehurst formed an unlikely alliance between chrome-dome and mullet. Evan Mann saw mouse ears after finishing a beer. Sandie Maxa showed how split pants aid no-fuss waste disposal and had no trouble overhearing the complaints of her neighbor at 36,000 feet. Mark Sanders mixed pet urine and cooking, listened to some boasting and rhyming, found a new way to destroy a camera and sought a new name for big mother hurricanes. By the way, Paul Pereira hates Ebay.

Have a great weekend and tell a friend about GUTSY.