Heads Up!

I am very critical when critiquing photography. And new digital techniques generally are met with my sour disapproval. However, I've just seen something quite remarkable on the photo-sharing website Flickr. Under the tag "camera toss" there is an entire portfolio of images made by (presumably) throwing a digital camera into the air with the shutter held open.

At its worst, an image is made that looks like a laser show. But at its best, something fantastic is captured. Simple streaks of color or calligraphic squiggles ala Picasso, they remind me of an earlier GUTSY contribution made by David Steadman.

I'm not entirely sure of the best way to make an image using this technique without either receiving a head bonking or a camera failure. Because of this, I will probably enjoy the resulting images from afar.

link found on www.kottke.org

karl, Oct 20 2005 11:21AM

you need to try it and post some images. i want to myself, but am too scared...