The RestoRoom Project
Guido Alvarez


I am still lost in this sea of questions but my mind stays focused. Yeah right. My stolen camera never came back yet a new found prejudice has emerged: people.

In the meantime I continue developing my Self Portrait in Restroom Project, hoping that someday a lunatic with the title of "publisher" will turn his or her eyes on my work and allow people in Amsterdam and Japan to buy my odd photo books. This can be my road to nowhere; my mental explorations. This image in particular was taken at the bottom of Chimborazo, the highest active volcano in the world where a community lives in the middle of nowhere; the real middle of it. So freaking cold and so silent, yet I found a kind of a restroom. I didn't dare enter it(or at least my nose wouldn't let me) so I had to take the photo by it, not in it.