Weekly Digest #18

A couple weeks have passed since our last Weekly Digest. As much as we would like to blame it on some extraordinary circumstances, the real culprit is nothing more than the routine business of life. But that does not mean there hasn't been a wide variety of contributions in the Weekly Digest's absence.

For Halloween Sandie Maxa carved a strangely vibrant fruit, David Steadman questioned donating candy to charity and Paul Pereira showed off his frightening floor. Not holiday related and no less interesting, Rusty Mitchell introduced us to a "terribly great" collection of music while Guido Alvarez sought a formula for ugliness. Bob Holling had two coincidental canine encounters and Ann Whitehurst finally got through to customer service. Finally, Mark Sanders opened his subconscience to scrutiny and got another haircut.

Have a great weekend and tell a friend about GUTSY.