Can you guess what this is?


Can you guess what this is a part of in my apartment? If you guess correct you can win a prize of your choice (read comments section for details). I'll announce winner of Friday evening...

mark, Oct 23 2005 12:22PM

looks like a badly worn rug to me. to many watchings of the Antiques Roadshow are making me see rug and only rug.

by the way, what do we receive if we accurately identify the item? contests usually have a prize, don't they?

dawg, Oct 23 2005 12:36PM


sandie, Oct 24 2005 9:31AM

a tin ceiling?

paul, Oct 24 2005 12:28PM

If you correcty identify the item you will receive a framed picture.

I will let everyone guess and Friday night I will announce the winner.

paul, Oct 24 2005 4:54PM

or in the spirit of Halloween I will give you candy whatever candy you prefer.

Ann, Oct 25 2005 12:15AM

Is it part of some piece of artwork?

Paul, Oct 25 2005 10:20AM

so far no one has guessed what it is...
keep guessing

Ann, Oct 25 2005 11:40AM

How about a hint?

paul, Oct 25 2005 3:49PM

i can not give a hint because it will reveal too much.
oh what the hell, it's in my kitchen.

mark, Oct 25 2005 5:20PM

ha ha! it was a trick. you have given the location and its identity isn't far behind.

shape of a.............TABLE CLOTH

Chris, Oct 25 2005 8:34PM

place mat!

Sandie, Oct 25 2005 9:44PM

hint to me says: LINOLEUM ( poor condition)

paul, Oct 26 2005 8:22AM

you guys are hurting my feelings...................................... just kidding .

David, Oct 26 2005 12:33PM

Ceramic wall tile.

matthew, Oct 26 2005 2:15PM

pot holder

paul, Oct 27 2005 1:37PM

damn you guy are too close no more hints.

Ed, Oct 27 2005 8:37PM

An apron?

Ann, Oct 27 2005 11:10PM

shelf-lining paper?

Ann, Oct 27 2005 11:11PM

or some kind of upholstery?

matthew, Oct 28 2005 9:54AM

OK now I know what it is. It is the bottom of a cast aluminum pot.

karl, Oct 28 2005 1:17PM

radiator, cast iron