Keepin Warm
Evan Mann

74th snow.jpg

7:00 PM, early winter, NYC

bus stop snow.jpg

Guy one (generic ninth floor office worker with a good view to the exterior): Howya doin?
Guy two (janitor for the building, emptying individual trash cans, beginning of his shift): Not too bad. you?
Guy one: Fine. I hear it's gonna snow tonight.
Guy two: Yeah, they're saying 9 inches.
Guy one: Jeez. You gotta shovel the sidewalks?
Guy two: Yeah.
Guy one: Man...sorry to hear that.
Guy two: That's OK. There's a little bar across the street where I can get a brandy to warm up.
Guy one: Sounds effective.
Guy two: Yeah...helps me get thru the night.
Guy one: You hear the joke about the reindeer and the cab driver?
Guy two: Yeah.
Guy one (logging off, leaving for home): Well...have a good one.
Guy two: You too.