August 6 - August 19 Weekly Digest

The heat has broken at GUTSY HQ but we continue to observe Summer hours, thus this two week edition of our digest. We covered a lot of ground and if you haven't noticed we welcomed Rusty Mitchell as a new contributor.

The first week started with Ann Whitehurst protesting via mail. Mark Sanders visited a new "beach" and Guido Alvarez showed us parts of a clown. Rusty Mitchell did his part to protect us from diaper bombs while Heather Manske sang along with a cabbie.

This past week Paul Pereira found discrepancies between what is said and what is done at church. Rusty Mitchell wasn't satisfied with his new drivers license and Ann Whitehurst has learned the benefits of spandex. Sandie Maxa remembered a trip to Peru and Guido Alvarez showed his clown again. Finally, Mark Sanders moved closer to death and ate Chinese food with friends.

Have a great weekend and tell a friend about GUTSY.