Haircut Confessional 3

Last Haircut: 7 weeks ago
Day of Week: Monday
Time of Day: Lunch
Salon Bustle: Low
Stylist Demeanor: Defeated
Physical Contact: Low (appropriate for service rendered)
Quotes from Stylist: "Do my fingers feel warmer now?" "I'm sorry, I must drink some coffee." "Don't use too much air freshener."
Tip: $5.00

Ann, Jul 25 2005 3:27PM

This reminds me of the time years ago that I had my hair cut by a drunk person. I should have thought twice about going to a salon called "Psalms Hair To Be Praised." I had a one-length bob cut at the time and just wanted an inch or two off all around. Well, he grabbed a handful of hair at the front and gave me bangs. I got pissed/scared and asked him what he was doing. He tried to show me a cut in a book, but was so wasted that he couldn't even hold the book. I also thought I smelled alcohol. So I got up and ran out. I went to the nearest salon at a dept. store, got my hair cut, and was advised to write the the Board of Cosmetology. So I did. He ended up sending them a response saying that he was giving me the cut I asked for and that the smell was "permanant solution". I've still got a copy of that letter. What bullshit. So I called the guy directly and told him how pissed I was at him. He gave me some story about he was addicted to drugs, etc.

mark, Jul 26 2005 10:24AM

did i read this right? you actually wrote a letter to the board of cosmotology trying to get a hair person defrocked? would love to see a copy of that letter. not sure where i would even start with such a thing.

Ann, Jul 26 2005 11:14AM

Yep. I'll try to dig up both letters: my letter to the board and his response letter to the board, which includes a diagram of a haircut that he supposedly showed me. It's all in a woman's handwriting, so he obviously didn't even write it himself.

dawg, Jul 26 2005 1:02PM

must see letters.


dawg, Jul 26 2005 1:24PM

And: it's a wonder you didn't get injured.

How old were you at the time?

Sandie, Jul 26 2005 2:07PM

must see diagram!

Ann, Jul 26 2005 3:18PM

I was in high school at the time. A coworker recommended him to me, so that's why I went. I was pretty freaked out...I was the only one in the shop.