Ummmm...Hello Again

The recent Pantomime My Ass entry made me think of another social situation that is always a little uncomfortable and annoying:

When you run into someone you know in the grocery store, spend a few minutes talking, say goodbye, go on your way shopping, then run into them somewhere else in the store. What do you say? I usually try to pretend like I don't see them, unless they are going along a similar shopping path, in which case I have to say something else to them. Usually as long as I don't catch their eye, I don't worry about whether or not they're onto me. I usually like to shop in peace and keep to myself, so unless I run into a really good friend, I prefer to not run into that person again on the same trip.

Anyone else have a similar take on this?

mark, Jul 26 2005 10:22AM

far from being an expert on this lately (i don't know another soul in my neighborhood), i did have a technique when i lived in a smaller community. after the initial chat, i would continue my shopping with an eye out for the other person. fortunately modern groceries have long, wide aisles that allow you to spot someone and change direction easily. best case scenario would be that i went undetected. worse case would result in me having to give a sympathetic nod and grin from a distance. still better than the re-chat.

however, there is virtually nothing you can do to thwart a checkout line encounter. you are a captive audience and chewing your arm off for escape is rather obvious.

Ann, Jul 26 2005 11:02AM

Sometimes when I encounter the person again, I get the feeling that they don't really want to have to think of more to say to me, either.

Sandie, Jul 26 2005 2:06PM

Do you ever analyze what's in the cart of the person you run in to? I can't help but jlook at the contents of people's carts and then note their overall health to see if there's a connection.