K1, P1

This past week I learned how to knit. I have always been impressed with handknit items that have been given to me, especially a little hooded sweater given to my son this past winter. So I decided to take up a friend's offer to teach me how to do it. After a lesson a couple weeks ago and purchasing a couple how-to and pattern books, I have made 2 hats so far. I was surprised at how easy it is to make some really cool things knowing just a couple basic stitches. Sure...there are lots of fancy techniques out there, but you can easily make a cool ribbed hat in a couple/few days. I had fun going into a yarn shop and picking out yarn for my next project. My plan is to make a lot of Christmas presents this year.

PAUL, Jul 25 2005 1:20PM

my mom knits- she has an abundant amount of baby blankets and scarfs she made as future gifts. so anytime someone (co-workers usually) have a baby she gives them the baby blanket and anyone who has kids from ages 5-10 she gives them scarfs. saves her buying gifts evertime.

mark, Jul 29 2005 5:01PM

i must admit i know almost squat about knitting but am fascinated by the rhythm of it. as such, it seems to be a fantastic time passer while riding public transportation. is it much of a communal activity or best when done alone?

Ann, Jul 29 2005 9:24PM

It would be a great time passer for public transportation. It's easy to just pick up and put back down quickly...doesn't take any "set-up" time and doesn't take up much space. I prefer to knit to myself, but it is a good way to block out certain people that you don't care to listen to. However, I've only been doing it for about 2 weeks, so I can't generalize too much about it yet. I do hear of these "stitch-and-bitch" groups that meet in different places, but I don't think I want to pursue that.

mark, Aug 1 2005 10:41AM

landing at a 'stitch-and-bitch' sounds like being privvy to an inner sanctum equivalent to the much mythologized sex lab at cosmo or closed doors at the united nations. i might take up knitting just so i can go and experience.