High Efficiency Scam

Last spring, our ancient, decrepit washing machine finally broke down for good. So we had to buy another one.

We decided to purchase one of the high-efficiency front-loaders that uses only a fraction of the water that regular top-loaders use. Of course, there are low-sudsing detergents out there that are made specifically for these front-loaders. The service guy that installed our machine informed us that we could use regular detergent, but we only needed to use half as much.

So why would I purchase the high-efficiency detergent when I can make regular detergent go twice as far?

Tom Graham, Apr 15 2005 12:12AM

So where's the part of the story where the regular detergent foams to an alarming extent and consumes the entire house like in that brady bunch/partridge family episode?

Mark Sanders, Apr 15 2005 2:43PM

Low-sudsing detergents sound like less clean. I like a full head on my wash before rinsing. And those front-loaders can make a mighty froth.

My Dad has one of the early models before they got all sexy. His sounds like a jet engine when it starts spinning out the water. Scares the hell out of his cat and I think it might have caused the end of his ferrets out of fear.

Save the money and don't buy into some marketing VP's bonus increasing idea.

Heather, Apr 19 2005 5:46PM

I wish we had a washing machine. I'm tired of saving quarters. Sigh...