Unauthorized Unofficial Gutsy Theme Song

gutsy.mp3 (click link to play)

evan, Apr 15 2005 10:32AM


Ann, Apr 15 2005 11:44AM

That is great! I think the editors should authorize it.

Editors, Apr 15 2005 2:35PM


We like it, too.

By the authority invested in us we hereby christen thee 'GUTSY Song." Let no person take its name in vain.

Long live the song.

Muddhawund!, Apr 15 2005 9:38PM

dude, i just puffed on some shwag, and that sounds just like the first time we practiced at your and Mikes house and did the same. 'bout the same time sanders saved me from 'women have feelings too.....we know how it feels, we know it hurts!'

and so, enjoy your evenings.

David Steadman, Apr 18 2005 2:15PM