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The TV is truly evil.

Sandie, Apr 14 2005 11:47AM

The link to the Bert is Evil site is fantastic! I especially like the Pie Throwing incident photo. Bert is so sneaky. And his liaisons with Praire Dawn! Egads.

Sesame Street has been getting a lot of press this week regarding the changes they've made in programming. In case you haven't heard, instead of "C is for Cookie" Cookie Monster's song is now "Cookies are a Sometimes Food" to address child obesity. While unhealthy eating habits are a problem for some kids, I personally think they're going too far. Kids should be able to fantasize about a monster that gets to eat cookies all the time! Or one that sleeps in a trash can. They're muppets! See Gothamist for more.

paul, Apr 14 2005 2:11PM

how is that Xm radio?
that's a cool moose glass y' got there!

evan, Apr 15 2005 12:23PM

XM: fine. have enjoyed more of the jazz than anything else...just punch up "70" and you get "classic jazz" for hours on end with no commercials. "44" is "fred," which highlights various phases of 'alternative rock.' this station can be nostalgic, infuriating, and pleasant depending upon how long ago they played 'depeche mode' or 'tones on tail' (two bands fred really seems to loooooove).

i hear sirius is better/more interesting, but whatever.

Heather, Apr 18 2005 6:11PM

TV is sooo not evil. Especially when you consider fine programming like Alias, Gilmore Girls and the dearly-departed Felicity.