Diversity Within Uniformity

Image taken from The University of Texas at Austin 1955 Yearbook. Alpha Chi Omega sorority.


"Mailboxes, Rockingham County, Virginia"
(1986), James Crable

dawg, Apr 27 2005 1:22PM

Mom...is that you?

Mom, Apr 27 2005 4:55PM

Why, yes, Dawg, it is. Now you better be back by 11:00 tonight or you're gonna get a whippin'. Do you hear me, Dawg?! I'm not going to warn you again! And tuck in your shirt, too.

Sandie, Apr 28 2005 1:13PM

Not having been in a sorority, I'm wondering... is there usually an official uniform? The black sweaters and white blouses could just be a coincidence??

Love the mailbox image! I did a study of garage doors in Richmond.