and you will know me by my photoshop skillz


mark, Apr 27 2005 4:00PM

oh you clever little anagrammer. i'd like to see you release your mad skills on all 15 versions of GUTSY.

looking for a way to quickly find anagrams? try this.

also, there is a pollo place in queens on roosevelt avenue call the 'gusty chicken.' that has always concerned me.

Sandie, Apr 28 2005 1:05PM

And by your type skillz. Nice kerning!

Sandie, Apr 28 2005 3:19PM

I tried the anagram machine Mark mentioned with my name. My new mantra: "AID AXES, MAN!"

paul, Apr 29 2005 1:14PM

i also tried the anagram machine. the best one had to be A Real Peru Pi. thats me alrighty.

mark, Apr 29 2005 1:27PM

i got RAD SAM KERNS. mama always told me that.