June 11 - June 24 Weekly Digest
The Editors

Summer officially began on GUTSY and those lazy days are why we missed putting together last week's digest. So what frequently has become the norm with our recap, this edition is supersized to accomodate both weeks.

The first week got off to a painful start by Paul Pereira with the christening of his annual sunburn. Not to be outdone, Ann Whitehurst got summer rolling by making pesto. Guido Alvarez combined both activities into his own image. Sandie Maxa tried to cool off in a not-so non-skid tub. And Mark Sanders was concerned about people burying things in his backyard as well as getting caught with his fly down.

Last week, David Steadman was snubbed by an idol. Guido Alvarez wondered if advertising had limits while Mark Sanders wished one bride would get cold feet for the media. Paul Pereira's girlfriend followed him with a DustBuster and last but not least Sandie Maxa told the truth about snakes.

Have a great weekend and tell a friend about GUTSY.