Quick Recap on Lessons I Don't Seem To Learn


Well, this past weekend and for the rest of the week I am peeling like there's no tomorrow (I have no idea what I mean by that statement it just seemed to make sense when I typed it).

Anyway a quick pic of my shoulder peeling, this pic is pretty tame compared to what my back looks like. I thought I'd share this pic because I know Mark will really appreciate it - the peeling in all its glory.

My girlfriend hates my skin peeling she's actually following me around with the Dust Buster to vacuum up any skin that flakes off my body.

Ann, Jun 21 2005 11:38AM

This may sound weird, but when I peel like that, I find myself trying to see how big of a piece skin I can peel off at one time.

paul, Jun 21 2005 1:15PM

my girlfriend even though she hates that I'm peeling she trys to peel one huge piece everynight. but i suspect that shes only do this so she doesn't have to clean all the little bits.