Lessons I Don't Seem To Learn

my feet.JPG

Every year I go to the beach and every year I get badly sunburned. This year is no different, picture taken 6/12/05.

This year has to be the worst because I sunburned say 90% of my body. I burned my feet and shoulders which makes it hurt even more. I know tonight will not be a fun night to sleep. And tomorrow I'm actually going to have to wear flip flops to work because I cannot get my feet into any type of shoe or sneaker. My only consolation is that for the rest of the summer from this point on I will not burn again. I will only get a dark tan. I love the summer but I hate sunburns.

sandie, Jun 13 2005 4:07PM

ouch! did you have to drive home barefoot?

paul, Jun 13 2005 4:23PM

no i went down to the beach with my girlfriend, my cousin his wife and son. My cousin drove, so i didn't have to. but i drove today and boy did it hurt on top of that my car is a manual not an automatic.

mark, Jun 15 2005 12:42PM

imagine the peeling that is going to take place in a few short days. do us all a favor by wearing full-coverage clothing once the exfoliation starts. seeing that makes me feel ick.

a quick look at webmd suggests some remedies you may not have tried like spreading potato juice over the skin. Chamomile brewed into tea may also provide some relief.

a recent study of sunbathers in galveston found that 16% of sunburn victims miss an average of two days of work a year as a result.

also, experts say it's okay to sunbathe while pregnant.

paul, Jun 15 2005 3:41PM

well i can tell you i didn't miss a day of work even though my feet actually swelled up - sun poisoning i think. but i've been coating my body with Aloa Vera. it seems to be working because it doesn't hurt as much lately.