Still Waiting
Ann Whitehurst

My due date was this past Monday, June 5, but I am still sitting here looking like I'm trying to hide a basketball under my shirt.

My 2-year-old was born 2 weeks overdue, after I drank castor oil to avoid being induced at the hospital. I'm really hoping I don't have to resort to that again because it was not a pleasant way to get things started. I've heard that second babies often come earlier than first ones, so I keep thinking that "tonight is the night" and I try to make sure all the dishes are clean, etc. before I go to bed. I wrote out "instructions" for what to do with our son (to the person that we have lined up to come stay with him when my husband and I go to the hospital)over a month ago. Every day gets a little harder as the baby keeps growing, but somehow I manage to drag my son to the park for a couple hours in the mornings....I would feel bad not letting him get some outside time every day.

So I'm really looking forward to being in the hospital for a couple days...just laying there in bed not having to do much will be nice.