I did it.
Heather Manske

Tonight. I downloaded my first song. Ever. Off of the Internet. (Legally, of course. Paid for via itunes. I don't steal music.)

I've always smugly said "I don't download" when asked the types of music I get from the Internet. Or, when I read the New York Magazine "Look Book" or some such other "real person interview" where they ask "What's the last song you downloaded?" I was always just daring someone to interview me just so I could say "I don't download. I buy CDs." But, tonight I caved...

The song that set my downward spiral in motion? "Bricks of Gold" by The Crabs. I heard this song beautifully sung a few weeks ago by two good friends, and thought, what a great song. (I actually thought my friends had written it.)

After hearing a snippet online last night, I had to have it and couldn't wait for the CD order. So I logged onto my Apple account (which had been opened for photo processing capabilities only) and literally a minute later I was listening to it. I get it now. Such instant gratification. In fact, I've already downloaded my second song.