Relearnin' Some Southern History

mark, Aug 23 2005 3:41PM

wow, i am blown away that they actually modified the statue to include his long lost daughter's name. do you know if there was a lawsuit that caused this?

i only ask because it seems the wheels of political correctness need generous lubrication in south carolina.

rusty, Aug 23 2005 4:26PM

Okay sorry, I'm too lazy to find out for myself. Is the image real or doctored? Photoshop is too prevalent and too many people here know how to use it. Maybe I've seen too much of Photoshop Friday at somethingawful, but it just doesn't look right.

evan, Aug 23 2005 6:35PM

as real as photoshoppery at all. given the confederate flag on the other side of the building (right by main street and right by the confederate memorial), this little piece of realism seemed too sweet not to note. truth is definitely better than fiction.

Sue, Aug 23 2005 8:48PM

Being from the north I'm shocked this guy has a statue at all... are you kidding me? I guess he's a big deal down south. I wonder if any MN senators have statues.... hmmm?

Heather, Aug 24 2005 1:53PM

Oh, yes... he's a very big deal down there. There's also a building named after him at Clemson University.

Sandie, Aug 24 2005 4:22PM

Why is the "FIVE" and "ESSIE MAE" dirty? Did it really look smudged like that? I wonder if someone tried to vandalize it and the smudginess is a result of a someone trying to clean off spray paint, etc.

dawg, Aug 24 2005 6:22PM

both are dirty cause the monument was altered after its completion. the essie mae information sprang out after strom's death and, as such, is a very recent revelation. that some person/company/state went to the length to fill-in the previous "FOUR" and carve out "FIVE" (which i've never seen done to granite) to keep the senator honest (an oxymoron) is, i think, hilarious for a state with a history such as S.C.

evan, Aug 24 2005 6:24PM

info and dates: click here

mark, Aug 26 2005 11:25AM

dawg - i appreciate the oyxmoron of the honest gesture of acknowledging an illegitimate child after a lifetime of lying. notice that it wasn't strom who made the consolation. but i still don't understand what motivated this change given the racial "history" of south carolina. is this truly meant to be a concilliatory act or the result of something bigger?

must keep digging deeper to find answers...

Chris, Aug 26 2005 3:47PM

The fact that Strom, the son of a wealthy lawyer, had fathered a child with the hired help was never much of a secret. We SC Democrats enjoyed keeping the rumor alive. Why she would agree to be so discreet I cannot say (money, fear, hate, love?). But the way they added her daughter's name to the base is somehow appropriate; regardless of the motivation or intention, she is literally the final word on the monument to his personal accomplishments. I guess you can interpret that different ways.

But what I really want to know is have all other men abandoned capitalization altogether?

shari (via Tom), Aug 27 2005 7:44PM

I don't know if I should tell you this but here goes..Strom Thurmond took my grandmother to a dance when she was 16. He was several years older. She remembers him as being a "perfect gentleman".