ALL Of Those Weren't For You

A recent communication with a friend that still works at my previous place of employment got me reminiscing about the good ole days of working in an office...such as the following:

One morning I brought in a container of cookies that I had made the night before. As usual, any food meant to be shared with others was placed on a table in the kitchen and just left there until the contents were gone. Everyone is welcome to take a cookie or two, no questions asked. But taking 3 or more borders on greediness, I think, unless there is just a HUGE amount of them. However, chances are that no one can see how many you take anyway, so if you're really hungry, you can grab a handful without getting any strange looks.

So I'm standing in the kitchen conversing with a couple other people, with my cookie container right in front of me, when the president of the company enters the kitchen, takes a large paper plate from the cabinet, dumps ALL of my cookies onto his plate, and heads back up to his office, not a word said to any of us standing right there. This just displayed the ultimate greed to me...why not leave a cookie or two for someone else? Did he think that someone stayed up late at night baking those cookies just for him?

paul, Aug 5 2005 8:32AM

Anne this is something I noticed from working in an office as well as disussing this topic with my girlfriend.

My girlfriends boss who she found out makes 150,000 a year (she "accidently" saw her pay stub), has a tendency of taking free furniture samples that they sell through 4 catalogs home. At her job after the furniture is checked out for any problems-it is then okay for anyone in that department to take it if they want it. But her boss seems to go around and take it before anyone has a chance to blink.

We've been to her huge house and my girlfriend literally pointed out each furniture piece that went missing from the warehouse. On top of that she tells me that her husband is a dentist who owns a succesful practice.

There is nothing legally wrong with her taking 95% of the furniture home. But nobody else in that department is given a chance. My girlfriend gets pissed off because she is so greedy and self centered that she doesn't see anything wrong with what she is doing.

sandie, Aug 5 2005 11:40AM

From my experience working at an agency, the only time of year that the greedy people could graze unnoticed was during the holidays. We received so many cookies, tins of popcorn, candy and other stuff from vendors that we would all leave the office with a junk-food belly ache.

Also can't help bringing up The Office, the BBC's fabulous mockumentary TV series about office culture. If you haven't seen it yet, rent it!

karl, Aug 5 2005 11:59AM

perhaps he was passively punishing you for not including a coversheet on your TPO report. didn't you get the memo?

Ann, Aug 5 2005 12:50PM

That's a thought. However, this man was in no way passive. If he wanted to punish anyone for anything, he had no problem making a big deal out of it in front of whoever else was around. Luckily, I was never the subject of his punishment. Having to look at his bad hair plug job was punishment enough.

spaceneedl, Aug 8 2005 8:15PM

tsk. damn, those were some good cookies, too.

next time you visit, maybe you could do everyone a favor and punish him with some laxative chocolate chip cookies.

that'd be funny, and proportionate, don'tcha think?

mark, Aug 9 2005 3:19PM

the chocolate shit cookie is a good gag.

another gag of note was done on saturday night live. the guest was christopher walken and the skit was called 'pranksters.' it was a parody of punk'd in which people pull pranks on friends while being secretly recorded on video.

after a few tame guests who slipped a plastic spider into cereal or the like, christopher walken plays a joke on a colleague who keeps parking in his space. from behind a car he springs out and starts to beat his colleague relentlessly with a tire iron while yelling "you just got pranked."

it finishes off by the host's remorse and walken calling him a 'stiffly stifferson' repeatedly. i giggled.