ALL Of Those Weren't For You
Ann Whitehurst

A recent communication with a friend that still works at my previous place of employment got me reminiscing about the good ole days of working in an office...such as the following:

One morning I brought in a container of cookies that I had made the night before. As usual, any food meant to be shared with others was placed on a table in the kitchen and just left there until the contents were gone. Everyone is welcome to take a cookie or two, no questions asked. But taking 3 or more borders on greediness, I think, unless there is just a HUGE amount of them. However, chances are that no one can see how many you take anyway, so if you're really hungry, you can grab a handful without getting any strange looks.

So I'm standing in the kitchen conversing with a couple other people, with my cookie container right in front of me, when the president of the company enters the kitchen, takes a large paper plate from the cabinet, dumps ALL of my cookies onto his plate, and heads back up to his office, not a word said to any of us standing right there. This just displayed the ultimate greed to me...why not leave a cookie or two for someone else? Did he think that someone stayed up late at night baking those cookies just for him?