Haircut Confessional 1

Last Haircut: 8 weeks ago
Day of Week: Friday
Time of Day: Lunch
Salon Bustle: Moderate
Stylist Demeanor: Indifferent
Physical Contact: Low to Very Low
Stylist Quotes: "Go ahead. Do it." "They've stopped since I started taking medicine."
Tip: $5.00

sandie, Apr 8 2005 3:02PM

hair washer or no hair washer? am I supposed to tip these folks or do they split with the cutters?

mark, Apr 8 2005 3:26PM

for the record, all of the hairwash girls were occupied so my stylist was forced to wet her hands.

my tipping procedure is always the same: take the money directly to her station and leave it. how it gets distributed from there is not my business.

anybody else know what is proper behavior for tipping the support staff?

Ann Whitehurst, Apr 9 2005 10:38PM

Mark: isn't it about time for another haircut?

mark, Apr 10 2005 1:03PM

already done. looking ship-shape if i do say so myself.

usually six weeks is sweet spot timing for a trim. not sure why the time got away from me. also not sure what the trigger is that makes me say "time for a haircut."

eagle, Apr 12 2005 8:23PM

tipping for a haircut... that is insane! Why on earth would you tip for somebody who just made you physically smaller. They should pay for your hair and use it for fuel to heat long harsh winters.

Mark Sanders, Apr 13 2005 2:32PM

Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig help you lose weight, ie. become physically smaller and they make a pretty penny. There are billions of dollars to be made making people smaller.

Isn't it curious few get rich making humans larger?

holling, Apr 13 2005 3:57PM

Tipping the washers...I've done it both ways, but lately it's been the stylist who does the washing, too, so that makes it easier.