Next Tuesday

My son turns 1 next Tuesday. It just occurred to me a couple days ago that I should probably get him a present. I guess because I give him things all day every day that I forgot that I should think about something special to give him that will be his first birthday present.

Even though he will have no idea why next Tuesday is not just another day and will not understand why his extended family will be crowded around him eating hamburgers and cake, I would hate for him to realize later in life that his parents didn't give him a present for his first birthday. So for a couple days I tried to think about what this present should be. I wanted the present to be something that he can appreciate later in life, since he will not grasp the meaning of it now. I felt like it should be something other than a toy or an outfit. While these items are nice, I felt that what I give him should be more than that.

So I started to think about what he likes: food. He loves pears, so I thought it would be nice to plant a pear tree for him. I love pears, too, and would love to have a loaded pear tree in my yard.

So, that's what it's going to be. A pear tree. (Actually, I found out today that we have to plant two trees for cross-pollination. So he's getting two trees for his birthday.)

Now that I think about it, though...I have no idea what I got for my first birthday and I don't hate MY parents. So maybe it's not such a big deal after all.

paul, Apr 20 2005 9:20AM

a pair of pear trees that's actually a cool gift. i'm gong to have to remember that whenever i have a kid. i think thats a great present.

my cousin has a two year old little boy. his birthday is coming up and everyone gives him either toys or outfits. i usually try to give him original gifts, but it's really hard. i still have not seen my little cousin wear any of the clothes or play with any of the toys i've given him at Christmas. i have a feeling my cousin has been selling my stuff on eBay, i don't blame him though everyone gives him toys and clothes.

anyway cool gift.

Jennifer Manske Fenske, Apr 21 2005 1:37PM

I love the pear trees idea! What a great gift. And your son will love it one day, I am sure. (Unless, of course, you move and you have to drive by and longingly look at your thriving ex-pear trees....)

Mark, Apr 22 2005 1:38PM

Bravo on a fantastic idea. I say get him a tree while he doesn't know or care about what he wants. There will be plenty of years where gifts satisfy only an immediate need.

Love to see a picture of the planting and enjoying.

Mark, Apr 26 2005 3:00PM

Hope I have the date right but a very happy GUTSY birthday to Wren. I hear he really likes to eat cake.