Flip Flops, Tasti D Lite, Sunny Days & Free NYC Events

From SummerStage to Celebrate Brooklyn to the Bryant Park Film Festival, free summer events are hands-down one of the best reasons not to flee this city in the summer. Though it's barely spring, the annual anticipation of "who's going to be on the lineup" is mounting. And, the first list has been posted...

The SummerStage Benefit concert series. (I.e. the bigger name acts with high ticket prices that pay for all the free stuff during the rest of the summer.) I'll post more links over the next two months as more shows/events are announced.

And, my favorite SummerStage (non-benefit) concert so far has to be the time I saw the Canada Day performance with Sarah Harmer and the Cowboy Junkies in 2001.

Ann, Apr 20 2005 5:47PM

I'm jealous.

Mark Sanders, Apr 20 2005 6:02PM

Went to see a Brazillian act last year and damn near got trampled. Felt like a major outsider since I knew none of the words and my dancing was sadly under par.

Saw Tindesticks a few years back and will never forget lying on the astroturf in a light mist while looking up to the uplit trees. Beer brought it near perfection.

Bring on the summer.

Sandie, Apr 21 2005 2:45PM

My favorite free summer event is the roller disco in Central Park. There is a reliable cast of characters there every weekend boogeying their hearts out to the likes of Soul to Soul, Isaac Hayes, Gloria Gaynor and others. Old school 4-wheel skaters, roller bladers and even a guy with a segway do their thang. The skate circle is near the bandshell, mid-park. Watch for the tall guy with the beach towel pants.