DeVotchka Does It Again

Caught another great show last night at the Mercury Lounge (one of my fave NYC venues, despite the often-rude bouncers) from Denver quartet DeVotchka. Gorgeous, tragic-sounding-at-times, often-aching-beautiful music with an Eastern European flair. Each band member plays multiple instruments including an accordion, a trumpet and a tuba. I'm no music reviewer but...

...I just had to share this band with those who aren't in the know, yet. Look for a show coming soon, if you're lucky, to a venue near you. I think it's the first time I saw an opening act receive an encore, and be allowed to play well over an hour, AND pack the place out at an early 8pm show. Much thanks goes to our Denver-based friends Dr. Thom and Shari for tuning us in to this great band.

David Steadman, Apr 13 2005 1:37PM

Ah yes, DeVotchka. I recently discovered them at SXSW 05 and I'm still thinking about their show. My wife and I keep their latest cd on heavy rotation. The music industry is in a sad state if a band like Devotchka remains unsigned.