Joanna Smith

Joanna Smith has the capacity to be a lot of things in a quasi-professional kind of way. However, she typically “thinks she smells something burning” when the question of “what she does” comes up in conversation. She has fancied herself a photographer, social worker, cook, caterer, food stylist, and shop-girl. Over the course of her life, the one thing she has been consistently diligent at is eating.

She has, more or less, lived and eaten in Manhattan for nine years and is slowly beginning to contemplate herself as a New Yorker. Joanna contributes to her community by walking her dog almost daily, visiting farmers’ markets and sample sales, and photographing herself with various people making “kissy face.” Her current projects include (but aren’t limited to) creating a line of signature cocktails, interviewing female cab drivers about their potty routines, and eating and drinking as much as she can for free. Her greatest accomplishment of late was beating a Harvard graduate at Scrabble a few months ago.