Running Man


hi-speed connection recommended. quicktime is required.

sandie, May 9 2006 6:25PM

what are you running from?

mark, May 9 2006 6:42PM

a more pressing question may be, what am i running towards. anyone care to speculate?

chris, May 9 2006 10:26PM

someone was selling digital cameras out of the trunk of their car? you were always a sucker for hot merchandise

runninlikeadawg, May 9 2006 10:28PM

why'd you stop?

Alice Marie, May 13 2006 5:31PM

You were running right smack up against the sound barrier. I know, I saw the streaking white light moving along the pavement.

Alice Marie, May 13 2006 5:32PM

P.S.-Sandie did a great job of slowing down the digital footage.

guido, May 15 2006 10:51AM

Have we gained weight or what??
I think you are running on a runway just to experience the feeling of pelicans fleeing from landing planes in Florida.

David, May 15 2006 1:25PM


Ann, May 16 2006 9:14AM

I guess "Running Man" sounded cooler than "Jogging Man"!

mark, May 16 2006 9:35AM sad as it sounds, that's as close as i get to running these days. so the title is accurate, at least with me.

i suppose i could lie and say that it is only playing at half speed. or i could play it at double speed for increased velocity.