More strange things I collect...

Sugar Packets.JPG

These are actually sugar packets that are used throughout cafes in Portugal. Everytime I have an espresso I keep the opened packets. I was surprised this year because they actually used photography. Usually its only illustration or abstract art. This is a small sample of the ones I have. I've been collecting them since I was 15 years old.

mark, Apr 26 2006 2:22PM

what exactly are they communicating on the backs of these packets? is it additional advertising or some other message? the dutch have a great history of communicating messages via phone cards and postage stamps.

one of my favorite vehicles of communication in the states is a wet-nap package (like you get at a bar-b-cue joint for removing sauce from hands). after sept. 11 a certain manufacturer was spreading patriotism one wet-nap at a time.

paul, Apr 26 2006 8:29PM

they are just advertising for themselves. promoting their own brand Buondi & Sical are brands of coffee. in cafes in europe usually when a cafe buys a brand of coffee they also get packets of sugar - part of the deal.
maybe i should have explained that, i automatically assumed that everyone knows that brand. which of course not everyone does.