Office Building Security Guard Is No Shutterbug


By chance, I've been to two meetings in the same office building in the last six months. Given its location across the street from Grand Central Station, the building follows a tight security protocol. So, both times I visited, I approached the security desk to sign in.

I'm used to providing a photo id and being asked to give my name, time of appointment, client contact, etc. But I was surprised the first time I checked in and was handed a VISITOR label with my photo on it. I didn't see a camera or know a photo was being taken.

On my second visit to the building I saw a small, black orb-shaped device but wasn't sure 1) if it was a camera or 2) when it would go off.

The result? The worst id photos ever taken.


paul, Mar 10 2006 10:37AM

those photos are bad , but at least they are making some sort of attempt to secure the building. recently,

i had go to the building off of 5th Ave in the city a couple of times. i signed in once and then after that they assumed i was working there and they'd keep waving me by even after i told them i was just there for a couple of hours. they told me don't worry about we know you. i never ever talked them other than the first day asking where i had to sign in.

mark, Mar 10 2006 11:36AM

these photos remind me of a young patty hearst and her oft photographed terror-spree with the simbionese liberation army (see here and here and here.)

is there something you aren't telling us?

sandie, Mar 10 2006 12:50PM

There's a lot I'm not telling you!

Ann, Mar 15 2006 12:23PM

Wow. Those are bad. I didn't realize the first big photo you posted was even a person until I kept reading the story!

charley foley, Mar 17 2006 4:00PM

Those are truly great. Now, with you're handy "printable version" feature, I'll be printing them and attempting to gain entry myself. Its the Gutsy way - pushing design, pushing oneself.