It Doesn't Take Much... entertain a 2-yr. old.

My husband and I took our (almost) 2-yr. old son to Lowe's last night to pick up a bag of cement. So instead of using the normal shopping cart that you load your kid into the front sitting down, we let him stand up and ride on one of those big carts used to carry wood and heavy items, which he had never done before. He was totally fascinated by this new ride. And was totally upset when we had to return the cart.

So the next time the weather doesn't permit going outside, maybe we'll head to Lowe's, grab a cart and race through the aisles for a while. (And I guess we'll buy something to make it legit.)

sandie, Mar 16 2006 10:03AM

It would entertain me too... and I'm a lot older than 2!

Matthew, Mar 28 2006 4:30PM

Ann, This is a slippery slope you are headed down! You are at risk of becoming one of those moms that transfers the children straight from car-seat-laden SUV to mega size off road stroller to mega size 7 foot long pseudo NASCAR replica shopping cart straight to the free cookie aisle at Harris Teeter, and then heading straight from the checkout to the coin-op dragon ride before returning to car seat. In exchange for running an errand, these modern American kids demand to be shuttled around on the backs of their parents like Shieks!
Just kidding, the flat bed cart sounds really fun.

mark, Mar 30 2006 9:10AM

actually it sounds like the no-frills version of entertaining the kids. the kind where daddy says "give me a quarter and i'll shake you just like one of those rides." or "we don't need that stupid looking shopping cart when i can ride you around in a real-size car whenever i want." or "free cookie? how 'bout you bake some and that's as good as free."

Ann, Apr 3 2006 2:25PM

Those monstrous NASCAR shopping carts scare me. I will be avoiding those as long as I can. So far I have not given in to the free cookies at Harris Teeter. I do give him the free bread and fruit samples, though. Heck...he might as well get a free healthy snack. We do get the free balloon on the way out, though. Hmmmm...who's running the show here?