The Right Brothers | The Heat is Beat


Date: The not-so-distant future

Setting: Planet Earth

Scenario: Global warming has scorched the earth, producing planet-wide cloud cover that has caused temperatures to plummet and bodies of water to freeze solid. Our young tomfoolerists, in need of food and booze, have had to concoct a method of transport complementary to local conditions. Documentation of one of their trials (note the skating bear that cruises by in anticipation of a meal of his own)...

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paul, Jul 29 2005 5:14PM

even though i hate the cold. that is still cool!

mark, Aug 1 2005 10:38AM

how do you steer that death trap?

sandie, Aug 2 2005 1:27PM

where do you stow the food and booze? might need saddle bags.

Chris, Aug 2 2005 4:59PM

This is also in response to the turtle story.

I flew a cheap box kite a couple of weeks ago at the beach during the evening while the shore is empty. A dead fish washed up at my feet. Looking back now it sure would have been something to tie that fish to that kite string and let the wind carry it down the beach. Missed opportunities; story of my life