I have been trying to get a job in the States over the last year. I have been successfully rejected from first class institutions such as the Smithsonian, where they claimed the job was only for US citizens (or "USERS" as I call them... you) when the original job posting never mentioned such a requirement. Are there grounds for discrimination? Perhaps you know, I am a poor third world citizen, latino, sudaca, who happens to look like a gringo. But who cares anyway I got the beloved rejection letter for my private collection. I already have around 20. Someday I will have them framed and displayed in my studio in the same fashion of an M.D.

During the last few days I have begun exchanging emails with a prestigious art school in Washington D.C. Their offer, which has not been made yet, is in the mid 40's. After contacting a few friends who happen to know about salaries and teaching combined, I found out that I wouldn't be able to make ends meet because of tax withholding, which is about an unbelievable 35%!! As a result my thoughts have been evolving around what a career really is. Graphic Design salaries in Ecuador range from 150 to 800 dollars per month [less taxes.] That is, so you know, under the line of poverty according to the United Nations. Here you'll encounter many college graduated [doctors, engineers, lawyers] driving cabs and cleaning houses. The third most populated Ecuadorian city is New York, probably followed nowadays by Barcelona in Spain. People are seriously fleeing this country and I feel I want to join them.

mark, Jul 27 2005 10:51AM

sounds like a generous offer to me. plus you probably have summers free and ample time to do freelance work. and from what i know about academics the starting salary is fair.

we do pay a tremendous amount of taxes in the u.s. and in addition to income tax there are usage taxes like sales and sin. yet with all that money, health insurance still costs $400 a month.

paul, Jul 27 2005 11:01AM

I agree with Mark it is a fair offer. I too am looking for a teaching job but I'm looking at teaching at public schools. The starting salary would be 45,000 a year with summers off.

In the 40's for an art school sounds real good.

guido, Jul 28 2005 3:14PM

Thanks for the comments guys. As numbers go, they sound great and I agree. I am making 23k a year here!! and that is a great salary compared to a 500 a month salary that a graphic designer would get here. However, my main concern right now is providing enough money for my two kids and my wife until the situation settles and my wife begins her own show or employment. Too many doubts I guess, as usual. thanks.