Today's Date


In the words of my nephew: "thas cool."

mark, May 5 2005 10:03AM

looking forward to 11/11/11 myself. man, that's gonna be a real throw down.

as an aside, heard on the today show from a mexican authority that guacamole is to cinco de mayo as turkey is to thanksgiving.

holling, May 5 2005 2:17PM

so...these days are pretty rare. My thinking cap tells me that it only happens twelve time per century. thas cool

Sandie, May 5 2005 4:43PM

I remember a friend from high school who's 18th birthday was 8/8/88. He was REALLY excited.

alice marie, May 15 2005 6:49PM

Your posting invariably raised disturbing questions about how the Christian Right might already be preparing for June 6, 2006.

mark, May 17 2005 3:08PM

i'm curious, alice, what do you know about 6/6/06? has there been any press in regards to the day of the number of the beast?

alice marie, May 18 2005 1:21PM

Yes, indeed, and I will be sure to report back. The date June 6, 2006 is spreading like an ugly rash across fundamentalist Christian blogs. Several concerned parties are already hunkering down in the trenches for a pitched battle with THE EVIL ONE. It is worth adding that several of my acquaintances wil be hosting various theme parties to celebrate this (in)auspicious date.

mark, May 18 2005 2:00PM

and exactly often do you read fundamentalist christian blogs? should your fellow contributors be concerned about any upcoming articles? hmmmmm...

i guess if we narrowly avoided armageddon at the turn of the millenium then there should be no cause for alarm now. it seems like it has been a really long time they have been predicting the end of the world. and nothing happened on june 6, 1906 that i am aware of. remove wad from panties is what i say.