Only a dream...

My dreams in the past eight years have been easily forgettable. They are usually based on some sort of anxiety at work. But lately, Ive been having some vividly strange dreams.

One of the latest dreams started with me at a Burger King parking lot in what looked like a bad neighborhood. Im about to load my bicycle into the trunk of my car when all of a sudden a woman in a 1998 Oldsmobile Cutless Supreme pulls up next to my car and says, Hey if I were you Id hurry up and get your bike in your trunk and get the hell outta here. I turn to her with a puzzled look on my face and say, Why? She then proceeds to gesture with her head behind me. I turn around and see a homeless man looking at me and I know at that second that hes up to no good. The woman quickly drives off as I try to work as fast as I can to get my bike into my trunk without looking like Im trying to rush out of there. I pick up the bike and for once it slides easily into my trunk. I close the trunk and the next thing I hear is someone running toward me. I quickly run to the drivers side door and slam it shut. I look at my rearview mirror and see the homeless man running as fast as he can toward my car. I start to panic a bit and know one of two things is going to happen. Either he is going to try to prevent me from driving off or do damage to my car. So I hurriedly put my car in reverse, and before the homeless man realizes what Im doing, I slam my car into him knocking him onto the asphalt. I then take off leaving the scene as fast as I can. In a panic, I watch in the rear view mirror him slowly getting up from the ground.

Right around this part of the dream I wake up still in a panicked state. I start thinking, Oh my god! What if someone saw me doing that, I can be arrested for attempted manslaughter. But then I realize Im in bed, in my pajamas. I breathe a sigh of relief, Thank god Ķ. It was only a dreamĶ

Sandie, May 3 2005 6:07PM

Have you been eating a lot of Enormous Omelet Sandwichs? Two slices of melted American cheese, two fluffy eggs, three crispy strips of bacon, and a sizzling sausage patty, piled high on a toasted bun. From the ads I've seen they look sure to cause some scary dreams!

paul, May 4 2005 9:01AM

nope, i'm not a big fan of eggs or anything that greasy. but i will admit i recently went to an Applebees and had their sample appetizers (as a meal). mozzerella sticks, nachos with a spinach dip (not healthy at all), buffalo wings and onion rings.
what a mistake that was the whole day i felt sick. there should be a law against selling food like that. i haven't had any fast food in for the last 5 years though, does that count for anything?

mark, May 5 2005 11:35AM

Applebees?!? My god man. You really don't value your health and I now know the root of your dream. No need to consult Dr. Freud because we have a bona fide chemical induced junk dream.

Raise a red flag when you start flying, or falling or sleeping with a relative in a dream.