Last week yet another Ecuadorian president was ousted by we, the people.

We've had 6 presidents in the last 7 years. Did you know about it?

We even made it to cnn front page site. Has your thinking changed over this news?

Of course not, neither have mine, yet life continues.

Be aware of where you are and carpe diem, carpe vita.

mark, Apr 25 2005 1:17PM

with each new president are there any changes to your life? i am always amazed in the u.s. how little a new administration changes my life. i am glad for that, too.

not that there haven't been any changes, some fairly radical. it just takes a lot of time to foster and implement in the states.

are changes to laws, life and rallying cries evident with each new leader in ecuador? or is it a different day and different corruption?

Sandie, Apr 26 2005 2:04PM

Nice photo. Where do you live approximately?