Falafel on the Floor

Now that I'm the mother (gosh...saying that makes me feel old...just a couple years ago I was enjoying an evening of "poop-dollar") of an 11-month old, I realize that I must get used to leaving every restaurant that we visit with our child a total mess on the floor. Tonight we left falafel and Cheerios in a 36" radius around the high chair. But it's not really a big deal, I don't think. I think the cost of the food more than covers a few swipes with a broom.

(Wanna know what "poop-dollar" is? Ask Evan Mann.)

dawg, Apr 13 2005 1:06PM

damn kids cant clean up after theyselves. and that poop dollar crap is turrible. what worser way to lose a 5-spot?

Mark Sanders, Apr 13 2005 2:28PM

I'll buy it contributor Evan Mann; what is poop dollar? I have my suspicions and none of them are good. Details please.

I've got nephews who are accomplished food flickers. I think the most unappetizing behavior I've seen is the full hand dip into a family-size tub of hummus. A lick clean and reinsertion is enough to make me queasy. Bon appetite.

I didn't know McDonald's served falafel. They must since that is the only place young parents are permitted to bring young kids. And you are right: a few broom swipes from a grimy teenager is worth less than the food.

Heather, Apr 13 2005 5:49PM

Unfortunately, I have seen "p.d." in action, and you really don't want to know what it is.

Mark Sanders, Apr 13 2005 5:54PM

Just by denying me a description makes me want it even more. Anything that is good enough for your eyes is good enough for GUTSY. Do tell.

Ann, Apr 13 2005 9:24PM

Gee, Mark. I can't believe you don't know what p-d is. You're really missing out.