Things I Planned on Doing While Serving Jury Duty
Mark Sanders

I have known since last Friday that part (if not all) of this week was going to be occupied by jury duty. This being the fifth time I've been called during my life, I knew careful consideration needed to be given to how I was going to fill the long periods of waiting that this type of service entails. Here is my to-do list which was compiled before and then adjusted during the experience.

1. *Bring and read, one each, magazine and book.
2. Sketch items / people in the jury holding room.
3. Smash phone of man next to me.
4. Begin designing a new website for my business.
5. See an actual courtroom.
6. Lie on my questionaire to get disqualified from case.
7. Work on projects for clients.
8. *Bring and eat snacks.
9. Avoid eye contact.
10. Serve justice.

I actually accomplished items marked with an asterisk (*)