I like Spam (of the email variety)
Bob Holling

Okay, not exactly, but since getting a blackberry phone, it's a different experience. My computer systems tend to do a good enough job screening out all of the offers for software, pharmaceuticals, Nigerian ___(fill in the blank) schemes, and various body-part enlargements. Not so with the blackberry--most all of these get through the defenses or lack thereof.

With it's small screen, I've accidentally opened a couple of these spam emails to discover little haiku-like compositions that completely baffle me. For instance, this email offering cheap Rolex watches contained the following hidden non-sequitur:

driving at? when placed at six When it was

Don't go that way no doubt

Other favorites include...

in the general language use category:

Should you want not to acquire this opening offer any further say no more.

in the general general category:

we need to get Free Games I'm afraid Final Fantasy I'm afraid

in 1940 to our topic Food So-so in 2006

you are stupid What would you like? Go I'm trying Photos

Okay...well, you do that, why don't you.