Guido Alvarez


This is the fourth year in a row that I applied for the American Visa Lottery. However, this year has been a little bit different. I have paused to think about the reasons why I want to move to the States. Here is my list:

1. money
2. opportunities
3. freedom
4. civil rights

But then I stopped and gave myself the opportunity of writing an honest list of reasons:

1. Scale
Everything is so overwhelmingly large in the States from Costco superstores to huge obese people.

2. Odor
Americans have managed to create an environment with no odor whatsoever, except those allowed by doughnut sellers and Sephora® stores.

3. Color
I love autumn. It is by far the best season ever. The quality of life is something too beautiful not to notice and the amount of green that Americans have is breathtaking.

4. Sale
Something is always on sale sometime somewhere. The tag prices are conceptual and directly linked to the individual human capacity of observation and abstraction.

5. Yard Sales
This is a unique cultural event that makes a person travel back to those hunting eras on greener greens.

6. USPS (by far the best reason)
I love getting mail, the uniforms, the little white carts with a lefty touch, the mailboxes on every corner, the postal offices, the logo by Saul Bass that I will tattoo on my body someday to show homage to this great one.

7. Times Square
The heart and soul of design.

I am confused by the fact that you fill out an application for a LOTTERY [littery?] implying you are attempting to WIN something. What is the prize? Is it still freedom and opportunity as it was stated in the past? How has the "American Dream" changed? Is there such a thing as the "American Dream" today? If you had to design a promotional campaign for your country, what would it say?

How about: Be free, always freer than yesterday?